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Young New Zealand is the first to propose major student loan reform at the upcoming congress.


Young New Zealand First is pleased to announce that three of its policy proposals have been put forward for the 2022 First New Zealand Covenant Debating Session.

Young New Zealand First believes in common sense politics that will improve the lives of our young people, which is why this year Young New Zealand First is presenting policy points aimed at tackling the mental health crisis, the ‘brain drain’ and the cost of living crisis.

This year, Young New Zealand First will present the following three political missions:

That New Zealand First is investigating the reform of the student loans scheme require no repayment for the first three years following the end of study unless the debtor earns more than $56,160 a year or leaves New Zealand.

Let New Zealand First consider an investigation into the effects of digital media such as social media platforms and mass media sites on the mental health, development and education of our young people.

New Zealand First ensure that secondary schools work with youth organizations and relevant sectors to ensure and require the annual administration of the HEEADSSS assessment (home, education/employment, food, activities, drugs, sexuality , suicide/depression and safety) for all students in grades 9-13.

“These policies are an integral part of our mission to make New Zealand a place where young people can thrive. Our flagship student loan reform policy will ease the burden young people face during the crucial transition period following graduation. This is a time when young people face relocation, lower incomes and precarious jobs. This policy would give economic respite to young Kiwis who currently face great uncertainty.

“New Zealand is facing a brain drain, we have young people leaving for better prospects overseas resulting in a labor shortage here at home. Our policy would encourage young Kiwis to plant their roots at home, establish themselves in their community and contribute to the success of our nation in a meaningful way that transcends a 12% tax.

“Our other political missions will focus on the mental health issues that many young people face. Social media companies continually fail to uphold their terms of service and have abandoned their duty of care to their consumers. More often, social media companies are seen to be sacrificing the mental health of our young people for their own profits – New Zealand needs to address this with a thorough investigation. In addition, the expansion of the HEEADSSS assessment program for all students in grades 9-13 will ensure full control of the well-being of our young people and collaboration with relevant youth organizations will address any concerns arising from this assessment – whether it’s mental health, employment issues or issues fundamental to one’s identity.

-Keegan Langeveld, President of Young New Zealand First.

Young New Zealand First will advocate for our policy assignments and represent the views of young Kiwis in all other policy assignment discussions.

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