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Western Wayne Conference votes not to pay debt allowance for Highland Park


WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. – The battle over a proposed water rate hike in the Detroit metro area this summer is heating up.

At a Western Wayne Conference meeting Friday, March 11, leaders blasted the proposal because the rate hike is partly due to the city of Highland Park does not pay his bill.

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“If our total cost to run the system is $100, and we are $10 short because someone hasn’t paid, that is, accounting rules require a charge from the debt and, like you said, it becomes an expense to run the system,” one person said. said at the meeting.

The rate hikes are tied to $52 million in debt owed by Highland Park. A legal battle is currently underway. Now surrounding communities are facing a potential rate increase.

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“We have to pay our workers, don’t we? To give you the water you get. We have to pay our suppliers. We have expenses that are real expenses and we are not for profit, are we? We are a government entity. So we need money to be able to make the system work,” said one person at the meeting. “There are 9,000 people in the town of Highland Park. Individual people. Most of these households pay their water bills to the city, right? So we’re not going to create a public health crisis over two government entities having a dispute over the charges. »

The Western Wayne Conference voted not to pay the Town of Highland Park debt allowance. The debt takes over more than 10 years.

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