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The world beyond realizes its biggest gain – but what’s next?


In “Quatervois,” The Walking Dead: World Beyond achieved what it had been aiming for for a season and a half, so where does the series go from there?

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2, Episode 5, “Quatervois,” which aired Sunday on AMC.

In last week’s episode, Huck smuggled Hope into the CRM facility to see his friends in the Perimeter community. After this meeting, everyone was even more confident that action had to be taken against the CRM. So, in “Quatervois,” Will and Felix concocted a plan to get Hope and her father, Leo, out of the CRM, but that involved surrendering.

As an act of good faith, Huck told them Silas was alive and being held at a nearby slaughter facility. His connection there was the means of their plan. So, Iris, Elton and Percy went to the slaughterhouse and found their friend. This meeting was a lot for Silas, but he agreed to help. He was supposed to come up with an excuse to take a key card from the slaughterhouse manager and a truck. At an agreed time, he was then to swipe the card and let them out of a place called the Garbage Service Terminal, where biohazardous waste is removed. From there everyone would travel to Portland.

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World Beyond Iris, Felix and Percy surrender

Originally the plan was for the folks at Perimeter to “return” Iris and Felix to the CRM, but Percy made his way through their group and pretended to be Elton. So, after being captured, separated, and interrogated, Colonel Kublek attempted to make them happy by bringing in Leo and Hope to see Iris and Felix.

For a full season and a half, it was the driving force behind the show. Iris and Hope left the campus colony to find their father and make sure he was safe. So that moment when the four share an emotional embrace was huge. It was the reward of the last fifteen episodes. Their reunion, however, should pose the loaded question of what will come next for the characters and for the series as a whole.

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World Beyond Silas Captured Again

For the characters, the plan was simple. That day, they were going to escape from the CRM, but that soon failed. Just as Leo was about to say goodbye to his girlfriend Lyla, he was pulled aside by Huck. Leo didn’t like her and her lies, but he was intrigued by what she had to say. Huck had snuck into his mother’s office and found communications that showed that the tests performed by the CRM somehow involved the people of Omaha and the campus colony. She was determined to find answers, so she enlisted Leo for help. On top of that, Silas was grabbed by soldiers before he could take anyone.

With these two events, it was obvious that the group was going to stay inside the CRM a little longer. However, with only five episodes remaining, the endgame of the series has never been more on hold. Escaping seemed unlikely after this episode, but waging a war in the series’ remaining five episodes would be next to impossible, given The Walking Dead storytelling roadmap. So, perhaps the easiest solution would be for the series to create a conflict that will need to be resolved later, perhaps in the Rick Grimes movies.

To find out what the group is doing inside the CRM facility, log into The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The series airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET / PT on AMC and is available to stream early on AMC +.

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