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The Best First Avenger Easter Egg Will Ever Pay


Captain America: The First Avenger introduces the Sentinel of Liberty to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, showing a glimpse of what that world’s “Golden Age” was like. Of course, it was a lot more truncated than what happened in the Marvel Comics Universe, with Cap seemingly being the only “invader” around. However, the film hinted at the existence of another Golden Age hero.

A reference to the original Golden Age Human Torch appears in The First Avenger, but sadly, that still doesn’t amount to anything in the MCU. With the Fantastic Four likely on the way, it looks like the original Human Torch will never appear on the big screen, although future MCU projects may change that.

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Who was the original Human Torch?

Created by Carl Burgos, the Golden Age Human Torch debuted in and on the cover of the very first issue of Marvel Comics already. The creature was an android created by scientist Phineas Horton, although exposure to oxygen caused it to spontaneously ignite. Destined to be destroyed, the android escaped from his prison and revealed himself to humanity at large. Learning to master his flame powers, he then becomes a public superhero. This career saw him fight against, and later alongside, Namor the Submarine, as well as other Golden Age good guys like Captain America and Bucky Barnes. The character was retired at the end of the Golden Age, although his name was taken by a newcomer to the Fantastic Four at the start of the Silver Age.

He then sort of made his MCU debut in Captain America: The First Avenger. In the film, Steve Rogers and his friend Bucky visit a science exhibit where Phineas Horton shows off his “synthetic man”. This dummy wears the Human Torch costume from the Golden Age, and it’s encased in glass like the Torch was in the original comics. Sadly, this cool cameo has yet to come to anything, even though the MCU has grown since 2011.

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Will the Android Human Torch ever be a big part of the MCU?

There has been no mention of this original Human Torch since the Easter egg in The First Avenger, despite the number of other characters retroactively added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. During his WWII tour of duty, Captain America was never suggested to have fought with some sort of human torch, and if that part of his story matches the comics, surely it already would be. appeared. This makes it unlikely that this version of the Torch is really in the MCU proper.

One way for him to rejoin his multiverse, however, could be through additional episodes of the animation. What if…?. This series has an alternate Earth where Peggy Carter became Captain Carter instead of Steve becoming Captain America, and it could further differentiate itself by having Phineas Horton’s “synthetic man” be the Human Torch. The events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could also show another alternate Earth where the Human Torch rages in the sky against the submarine. What’s most ironic about this is that Chris Evans played both the Human Torch and Captain America, and he could “reprise” the role here.

The Fantastic Four will surely be on their way to the MCU soon, and their ranks will include the more popular Johnny Storm version of the Human Torch. This makes it even more unlikely that Jim Hammond will be the torchbearer in a major MCU project. The jury is still out on whether this forgotten Golden Age figure will have any real significance in the movies or even the comics, but The First Avenger briefly lit its flame, if only for a moment.

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