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Syracuse Credit Union Adds New Location


SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – Karen Jones has been an electrical company for more than 20 years. His current project is part of the construction of the new Cooperative Federal Credit Union location on Erie Boulevard in Syracuse.

“I was honored for them to even ask me to provide a proposal for their project,” said Jones, owner and president of Eco Electrical Solutions, LLC.

It’s a labor of love because during the pandemic she decided to start her own business and needed a small business loan. It wasn’t easy, as she approached ten different lenders.

“And was refused. Even after the conference we had. I do my banking with a particular institution that has turned me down at every turn. When I dealt with Cooperative Federal, they were the first institution to follow,” Jones explained.

“Our mission is to ensure that we serve people who are not well served by other financial institutions,” said Christina Sauve, CEO of Cooperative Federal Credit Union.

Sauve says that 40 years ago, the co-op started with just $30.

“We started in the back of the Syracuse Cooperative Market, under the back porch,” Sauve recalls. “We have grown into a $37 million credit union that focuses on community development in the city of Syracuse.

Its current branches have no parking or drive-thru. On Wednesday, they opened a new location at 1816 Erie Boulevard East in Syracuse that will have both. They hope it will also broaden their reach to help fund even more opportunities and dreams like they did with Karen Jones.

The Cooperative Federal Credit Union’s Erie Boulevard location is scheduled to open in the winter of 2023. Once open, it will close its Westcott branch.