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Student loan: how to pay off your debt


The Wellness Wednesday Financial Education series returns February 16, focusing on student loan debt. The seminar will consist of two one-hour sessions at noon and 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (9 a.m. and noon Pacific Standard Time).

Student debt can take away some of the joy of getting a college degree. According to the Department of Education, 36.3 million federal student loan recipients owe more than $1.3 trillion.

“Veterans, like many other Americans, may have borrowed to help pay for education costs,” said Wayshak Hill, VA program analyst for the Wellness Wednesday Financial Education program. “This seminar will cover repayment options and discuss earning strategies.”

Register here or email [email protected] for more information. Wellness Wednesday financial education seminars are offered free of charge to transitioning military members, veterans, spouses, families and caregivers. The seminars are sponsored by VA and, in partnership, presented by Prudential Financial Services.

Previous seminars in the series have covered women and money, taxes, buying a home, managing a job change, paying for college, budgeting, savings funds. emergency and advice for a healthy financial life. The seminars have consistently received high marks from attendees.

Participants also have access to the Financial Wellness Center, a learning-focused digital portal with more than 100 short educational articles and interactive tools that include financial self-assessment, budgeting, and fitness help and advice. student loan.

In addition to the Wellness Wednesday Financial Education series, please review VA’s many financial resources that can help you and your family manage, secure, and protect your financial health and well-being.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or call 1-844-592-8993.

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