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Scottish police have spent almost £ 20million to pay workers over the past six years


POLICE Scotland has spent £ 19.7million paying workers over the past six years, we can reveal.

Figures show that at least 36 employees were paid more than £ 100,000 in golden goodbye during this period.


Scottish police have spent nearly £ 20million to pay workers since 2015Credit: PA

A whopping £ 17.2million was shared by 385 of them from 2015 to 2019, five of which grossed more than £ 200,000.

And in the past two years, the force has spit out more than £ 2.5million at voluntarily laid-off or early-retiree employees.

It is about the fact that the top ranks are expected to save £ 1.9bn by 2028 by cutting around 2,000 employees, reducing senior ranks and selling buildings.

The windfall for ex-cops and civilian aides has been castigated by Taxpayers Alliance campaign leader Danielle Boxall.

She said: “Most hard-pressed taxpayers could only dream of something like these police payments.”

And shadow conservative justice secretary Jamie Greene also criticized the statistics, released under freedom of information laws.

He said: “This money could have been used to give a much needed boost to the number of officers.”

Two years ago, the Scottish government capped exit payments from decentralized bodies at £ 95,000.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “The creation of a national service has kept local police responsive and visible.

“Transforming our services comes at a cost. But the police are reporting significant savings to the public purse. “

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