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PE bets on live events, including sports, paid



Despite unfavorable conditions, Rising Stars of M&A Private Equity 2021 business sourced and concluded while demonstrating creativity, flexibility, competence and patience. Jason Spor from ZMC and Niraj Shah of the Red Bird didn’t let quarantines stop them from taking a long-term approach to investing in live events. Speaking of live events, we are hosting our virtual celebration of rising stars today.

Sporer didn’t let quarantine stop him from investing in The second city live comedy. The club’s income was hit hard during quarantine, but Sporer was born deep in the tunnel. Places of entertainment have reopened and people are coming out of the house again. “Jason was not disheartened and showed prescient investment judgment,” ZMC partner said. Sheila dharmarajan.

Sports were also hit during the pandemic, with fans banned from entering stadiums, but that didn’t stop Shah to take a long-term approach either. He contributed to RedBird’s investment in March 2021 in Fenway Sports Group. FSG is a global sports, marketing, media, entertainment and real estate platform anchored by two of the world’s most iconic clubs, the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool Football Club. Most stadiums and arenas have reopened to a limited minimum capacity, so now is a good time to invest in the space. “Fortunately, in 2020 we have laid the groundwork with many of our portfolio companies to be ready for the return of live events,” Shah said.

As a fan myself, I think there is never a bad time to invest in sports. And these Mets?

– Demitri Diakantonis