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Parents ‘overwhelmed’ as mystery giver pays thousands of dollars in rest stops

Hundreds of families have been affected by an anonymous donation to a Tasmanian toy store, after a mysterious caller paid thousands of dollars to pay for rest areas.
The undisclosed amount allowed Launceston Toyworld to reimburse more than 150 stops on children’s toys, proving that the Christmas the spirit is really alive and well.

Owner Patrick Williams was shocked to receive the call that would change Christmas morning for hundreds of children.

A mystery donor paid thousands of dollars in staging areas at a Toyworld in Launceston. (Facebook)

“Someone called the store out of the blue. She called first just to discuss it and I explained our situation and the number of expectations,” Williams told 9news.com.au.

“About a week later she called back and said we were good to go and want to give you this amount of money to help make people’s Christmases a little better.”

The store had 700 rest areas at the time of the call, most of which were collected by parents saving special gifts for their children on December 25.

Mr Williams and his team used a name raffle to decide which lucky buyers would be selected to receive the donation.

Customers were surprised by the news when they arrived at the store to make a payment, many responded with relief, shock and tears of gratitude.

“We’ve had a lot of people who just started to cry,” Mr. Williams said.

A man was too upset to speak when he learned his debt had been paid, his wife calling the store in tears the next day to express her thanks.

Mum of three, Samantha De Bear, said the gift was a game-changer for her family’s Christmas.

When Ms De Bear entered the store to pay for part of her time off, she was told that two of her payments had been fully refunded.

“I was just in shock,” she said.

“I did not calculate correctly.

“I was just like, ‘Oh my God.’

“I was just totally lost for words.”

Ms De Bear said she had considered canceling some of her Christmas gift orders due to the financial pressure of the holidays.

“It has become our family’s Christmas. Especially at this time of year, every little bit helps.”

Mr. Williams described the donor as a “Good Samaritan” whose “interests were simply benevolent”.

“They wanted people to know that so that in the future other people might be interested in donating,” he said.

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