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ORNL FCU leases space to United Way of AC


ORNL Federal Credit Union officials recently announced that United Way of Anderson County will lease office space in their building on Broadway Avenue in Oak Ridge.

The ORNL FCU will also endorse a number of improvements to make the space more conducive to the needs of the organization, according to a press release.

The mural on the ORNL Federal Credit Union building at Broadway Avenue.

With its current office located at 728 Emory Valley Road in Oak Ridge, United Way will join the Anderson County Family Justice Center in occupying the building at 301 Broadway Avenue. The Family Justice Center leases approximately 50% of the building and the remaining space is currently vacant. When renovations to the vacant space are complete, Centraide will occupy the remaining 50%. Construction is expected to begin in mid-March, with plans for UWAC to be occupied by the middle of the year.

UWAC provides support and services to any program aimed at advancing the common good with emphasis on youth development, self-sufficiency, health and services for the elderly, according to the press release from the UWAC. ‘ORNL FCU. The organization funds more than 40 local nonprofits, including the Boys & Girls Club, ASAP of Anderson, Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge, Emory Valley Center, Girls Inc., Helen Ross McNabb Center, and YWCA. In addition to funding, United Way provides training and technical assistance to any nonprofit in the area.

United Way is always looking for new ways to seamlessly provide direct assistance to clients in need. This support includes case management, referrals and basic needs.

Being co-located with the Family Justice Center and several other partners will create a comprehensive service center, the statement said. The availability of conference space will also allow for larger training sessions for the community and agencies, as well as the realization of United Way’s long-term dream of hosting resource days to provide large-scale assistance to individuals. from the community. This could be resume writing, interview training and clothing support for those re-entering the workforce, a car repair day or a day to provide full support through resource days.

“ORNL Federal Credit Union has been a long-time partner and strong supporter of the United Way mission. This is just another way they help make our mission possible. This space will be a huge improvement to the day-to-day operations of our organization, as well as the realization of several dreams,” said Naomi Asher, Executive Director of United Way, in the statement.

The Caisse Populaire donates approximately 3,300 square feet of space to Centraide over an agreed period of time, after which ownership will be transferred to the organization. Since the space is organized as a commercial condominium association, UWAC will join the other two entities (the Family Justice Center and the ORNL FCU) as landowners in the Broadway Building once their agreed tenure is completed.

“We felt that the best use of the remaining space at 301 Broadway would be to have a tenant with a complementary mission at the Family Justice Center,” said Colin Anderson, president and CEO of ORNL FCU, in the press release. “Because of the location of this building, we believe these important non-profit organizations add value to the community through their presence.

The 301 portion of the building faces Broadway Avenue, while 303 is the lower portion of the building, facing West Tennessee Avenue. The Credit Union facilities department currently operates out of the 303 Broadway space. The ORNL FCU has used the building as office space for various departments over the years. When Credit Union’s headquarters was renovated and its Northshore hub was completed in 2017, employees at 301/303 Broadway were moved and the space was used for storage.