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Northern Savings Credit Union “INSPIRE” New Community Funding – Prince Rupert Northern View


More than $120,000 will be donated to the community by the Northern Savings Credit Union (NSCU) with a new “INSPIRE” fund to provide needed resources to the communities served by the financial organization.

The new “INSPIRE” program will invest $50,000 to support the credit unions’ vision of “neighbors helping neighbors build sustainable communities,” the NSCU released in a statement April 28.

“The Northern Savings INSPIRE Fund showcases our ongoing efforts to strengthen our northern communities,” said Stefan Delloch, President and CEO of NSCU. “The Credit Union is no stranger to giving back.

Inspire’s donations will be in addition to the $70,000 that Northern Savings has already set aside for its annual community giving. The new program will enhance the current community funding program with the addition of the new funding model which is designed to enrich local economies and create lasting positive social impact, the NSCU said.

In the past five years alone, Northern Savings has provided nearly $500,000 in local donations and sponsorships, 12,000 volunteer hours and 54 scholarships to local students, Delloch said.

Northern Savings has been part of the financial cooperative movement since 1940, operating on the traditional unceded lands of the Haida people and the traditional territories of the Tsimshian Nation. Northern Savings serves more than 15,000 member-owners by building sustainable northern communities.

The INSPIRE Fund plans are being finalized. However, initiative requests of $5,000 or more will be accepted as of June 1, 2022.

Details on the application process and funding guidelines will be posted on the Northern Savings website in the near future.

KJ Millar | Multimedia editor and journalist
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