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North Dearborn Water Authority calls for tariff increases; Customers invited to comment


All consumer reviews are due by December 7th.

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(Dearborn County, Indiana) – If you would like to comment on the pending North Dearborn Water Authority pricing request, you have the opportunity to do so.

The Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC), the state agency representing consumers’ interests in matters before the Indiana Utilities Regulatory Commission (IURC), is reviewing the utility’s request and should file a testimony on December 10, 2021.

While using its legal and technical resources to analyze the request, including the review of utility books and operations, the OUCC is seeking written comments from clients until December 7, 2021.

The North Dearborn Water Authority is calling for an overall tariff increase in two phases. The first 23% increase would come into effect when a Commission order is issued in 2022. The second 17.26% increase would come into effect in June 2023. The utility is also seeking approval from the IURC to issue up to $ 4.25 million in long-term debt.

In its documents, the utility says it is seeking changes to cover higher operating and maintenance costs, as well as infrastructure improvements, including new mainlines, improvements in well capacity and a new water treatment plant.

The North Dearborn Water Authority received IURC’s approval of its current rates in 2009. The utility provides water to more than 2,100 customers in Dearborn, Franklin and Ripley counties.

An amicable settlement is possible in any legal procedure. If an agreement is reached, the parties to the settlement are required to present evidence demonstrating that it is in the public interest. The IURC can approve, reject or modify any regulation it considers.

Consumers who wish to submit written comments for the case record can do so through the OUCC website at www.in.gov/oucc/2361.htm, by email to [email protected], or by mail to:

OUCC public comments
Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor
115 W. Washington St., Suite 1500 SOUTH
Indianapolis, EN 46204

The OUCC must receive all written comments from consumers no later than December 7, 2021, so that they can: 1) consider them in preparing their testimony and 2) file them with the Commission for inclusion. in the formal evidence of the case. Comments should include the name, Address, and a reference to “IURC Cause No. 45618” Where North Dearborn Water. Consumers who have questions about submitting written reviews can contact the OUCC Consumer Services staff toll-free at 1-888-441-2494.

An IURC evidence hearing is currently scheduled for January 25, 2022. Although evidence hearings are open to the public, participation is generally limited to questioning by counsel and the Technical Witness Commission. A final decision in the case is expected in July 2022.

The OUCC posts case updates online at www.in.gov/oucc/watersewer/key-cases-by-utility/north-dearborn-water-corp-rates. Case updates are also available in the agency’s monthly email newsletter. Consumers can subscribe to www.in.gov/oucc/news.