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Middle school students learn to budget with real-world expenses


PARKERSBURG, West Virginia (WTAP) –

Seventh-grade students at Jackson Middle School got to see what it takes to balance a budget Friday morning by participating in West Virginia Central Credit Union’s Mad City Money initiative.

Students used their math skills to budget for real-life expenses like buying a home, childcare, groceries, and insurance.

Students were given a character biography telling them whether they were married, divorced, had children, and what their budget was. They went from station to station, writing checks to pay for expenses, and even facing challenges like speeding tickets. In the end, they had to balance their checkbook.

Cindy Turner is the Senior Vice President of WV Central Credit Union.

Turner said if they can reach kids at an early age, it will help them as they get older and have to deal with these real-world issues.

Seventh grader Kendra Richards said today’s program was fun and helped her feel ready to handle the real world.

“Buying for the child was really shocking and very expensive, so it definitely prepared me for how much I would need to buy for a child.”

Cherish George, a 7th grade science teacher at Jackson Middle School, worked with the Credit Union and this program at her previous school. Now that she’s in Jackson, she wanted to bring the program to these students as well.

The Mad City Money initiative has been around for about a decade, according to Turner. They are education partners with Edison Jr High and did the program with them. They also worked with some homeschool. She said the program is available to any interested school in the area.

Cherish George said she would like to make this program a yearly thing for the school.