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Local family receives $500 check for school supplies


MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – The Marion Police Department has partnered with MUNA Federal Credit Union to help give a family a head start on school supplies this year.

Brandarius Boler’s family received a check for $500 for school supplies and uniforms, in honor of their son and brother who were killed earlier this year in a shooting at an Exxon gas station. News 11 spoke with Brandarius’ sister about this difficult time.

“I’m really angry because he couldn’t cross the line. I’m starting to come back to myself, like being happy. When it all happened, things calmed down, going back to sadness, anger and everything else, ”said Brandarius’ sister, Makayla Miller.

Marion Police Chief Randall Davis said it was part of his “Stuff the Cruiser” program.

“We had a kid who was due to graduate. Two weeks earlier, he had been involved in a fatal incident. We think we need to make sure he’s not forgotten,” Chief Davis said.

“We realize that the police foundation is very encompassing in everything that our community needs. They actually go out and do things for the community,” said Bo Pittman, CEO/President of MUNA Federal Credit Union.

Chief Davis said his goal is to give back to the community as much as possible.

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