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Lightning May Finally Pay For The MCU’s Forgotten Civil War Fallout


The Phase 5 Thunderbolts movie is set to be a sequel to Captain America: Civil War, further exploring the fallout from the MCU’s Sokovia Accords.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally able to repay the fallout from Captain America: Civil War making the Sokovia Accords a key part of Phase 5 Love at first sight. The role of the Avengers in saving the world came to a head in Phase 3, as the Crossbones bomb in Lagos was the final straw for the damage they cause. The United Nations put the Sokovia Accords into effect soon after and split the Avengers on whether or not they should sign the documents. With Team Iron Man and Team Captain America battling, the impact of the deals was expected to be felt throughout the future of the MCU.


Marvel didn’t really explore the ramifications the Sokovia Accords had after Captain America: Civil War That much. Yes, they were partly responsible for breaking up the Avengers, rendering them unable to stop Thanos, but that’s the only real lasting impact they had. Heroes were still able to be fairly active in Phases 3 and 4 with limited government interference. Avengers: EndgameThe film’s ending even left audiences wondering if the Sokovia Accords were still in effect. Even SWORD violated them by creating White Vision in Wanda Vision. The next Love at first sight The release of the MCU movie may change all that.

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One of the purposes of the Sokovia Accords was to give the world a group of super-powered people who must answer any question the UN wants. That certainly wasn’t what the Avengers did, and it’s hard to imagine the new version of the team playing by those rules. Love at first sight is an opportunity for the MCU to rework the Sokovia Accords and make them the basis of Marvel’s villain team. It would bolster Suicide Squad comparisons in some way, but the Thunderbolts could emerge as part of Captain America: Civil Warand the formation of the Sokovia Accords. This would have been especially true if they had to report to Thunderbolt Ross, but barring a surprise overhaul from William Hurt, that dynamic is now unlikely.

Why Thunderbolts Makes So Much Sense As A Civil War Sequel

Having the Thunderbolts operate under the guidance of the Sokovia Accords would be a smart way to circumvent some tricky parts of the comic book team adaptation. The MCU can’t take away the quirky comedic twist of the team where the villains dressed up as heroes and fooled the audience. However, the Thunderbolts could be considered “Good Guys” if they can be considered the only technically law-abiding superteam. A team of US Agent Yelena Belova, Baron Zemo, Abomination, and more could see their reputations changed by signing the Sokovia Accords and participating in United Nations-approved missions.

If the MCU’s Thunderbolts team fits that mold, it would also leave the villains to be antagonists to the rest of the shared universe. The Thunderbolts could be tasked with trying to limit the activity of other superheroes. It certainly wouldn’t sit well with the Avengers, which would again bring them into conflict with old foes. Love at first sight can give the bad guys the upper hand though, thanks to the Sokovia Accords. Since the MCU hasn’t really explored what it would be like for the heroes if the deals were enforced, the Love at first sight can be heroes for the general public but villains for heroes – do what Captain America: Civil War and the rest of Phase 3 failed to do so.

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