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“Inter’s offensive approach can pay off in the Champions League”


Legendary former Inter defender Marco Materazzi believes the attacking style of football can be of great benefit to them in the Champions League.

Speaking to Milanese newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport in an interview published in today’s print edition, Materazzi stressed the importance of having a quick and offensive approach in Europe’s biggest competition.

This season the Nerazzurri have changed their approach somewhat, playing a style of football more geared towards controlling possession and betting on goal chances than defensive strength at all costs.

Simone Inzaghi seems to have left more and more of her mark on the squad with each passing game, and Materazzi believes this approach given by the former Lazio boss will be the right one to get results in the best European competition.

He is of the opinion that the team has shown quality to advance to the knockout stages, and that the thing they need to aim for now is consistency.

“It’s very simple,” said Materazzi, “the players have to keep doing what we saw on the pitch in the last game against Napoli. And then the result will follow naturally, there will be no problems, I’m sure.

He added: “I really like this Inter. They are a dedicated attacking team, they have shown that on several occasions. And it’s an attitude that is usually rewarded in European competition, even if you face strong, organized and experienced teams in these types of matches.

“I always thought the Champions League was actually the sum of two different tournaments,” he continued, “one before Christmas, one from February.”

“Qualifying already with a win against Shakhtar would allow them to focus exclusively on the league for three months, a competition in which I still see Inter as the favorite and the team to beat.”

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