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GreenState Credit Union Seeking Energy Audit Tenders | News, Sports, Jobs


NORTH LIBERTY – With the goal of achieving a net zero carbon footprint within the decade, GreenState Credit Union is seeking a consultant to perform a comprehensive energy audit and recommend a climate action plan.

Locations included in this RFP are 2355 Landon Road and 585 W Penn Street in North Liberty, as well as all new GreenState construction by 2030. Creation of an energy conservation checklist must be provided for all existing branches/buildings not named above. to begin the process of reducing their carbon energy consumption with the goal of being net zero carbon across the organization by 2040.

“GreenState is proud to begin achieving its goal of becoming a net-zero carbon organization. As we uncover and implement changes internally, we will share best practices with our staff, members and communities,” said Zach Wahls, vice president of community investment and development. “Our hope is to find quality partners on this journey as we uncover environmentally friendly changes that make financial sense both today and for our future.”

GreenState is also nearing the final stages of installing a solar panel on the roof of its headquarters. This approximately $250,000 investment consists of 386 panels and is expected to reduce their carbon footprint from traditional electricity demand by 20-30%. With the completion of this solar power system, it is expected that over the next 25 years the energy savings will be equivalent to powering 851 highway passenger vehicles, eliminating 1,384 tonnes of waste from entering the landfill, reduce demand for coal-fired power generation by 4.3 million pounds, and have 4,680 fewer acres of forest needed to sequester carbon dioxide.

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