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Green New Deal Guide: MISE Decree Incentives | Denton


The Interministerial Order (MISE and MEF) of December 1, 2021 (the MISE Order), published in the Italian Official Gazette of February 1, 2022, provides for the granting of incentives to support research, development and innovation projects for the ecological and circular transition in support of the objectives of the “Italian Green New Deal”, with a budget of 750 million euros.

The measure is intended to support the projects of companies eligible for subsidized financing from the Revolving Fund for Business Support and Investment in Research (FRI). It also provides for the granting of contributions to support industrial research, experimental development and, for SMEs, the industrialization of research and development results.
The grants consist of direct grants, subsidized loans (FRI) and also involve bank loans.

Eligible companies:

Companies of all sizes carrying out industrial, agro-industrial, artisanal or industrial service activities and research centres. Projects can be submitted individually or jointly with other companies.

Eligible projects:

Projects consistent with the areas of intervention of the Italian Green New Deal, taking into account in particular the following objectives:

  • Decarbonization of the economy;
  • circular economy;
  • Reduce the use of plastics and replace plastics with alternative materials;
  • Urban regeneration;
  • Sustainable tourism;
  • Adaptation and mitigation of risks for Italy arising from climate change.

Industrial research and experimental development activities must be intended for the creation of new products, processes or services, or for the significant improvement of existing products, processes or services.
Industrialization investments (eligible only for SMEs) must be characterized by a high degree of innovation and sustainability and aim to diversify an establishment’s production by providing additional new products or to radically transform the overall production process of an existing establishment.
The MISE decree contains detailed rules on investments, eligible expenses, requirements of candidate companies and procedures for granting measures.