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Good Works: Daryl Margeris of Consumer Credit Counseling Service Focused on Education and Relationships | Local News


Daryl Mangeris is the executive director of the Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

The consumer credit counseling service helps individuals and families achieve financial stability to improve their quality of life. Financial stress can make people feel lonely, but through education, counseling and debt management services, the agency accompanies people on the path to financial freedom.

Who do you serve?Our nonprofit organization serves everyone, regardless of income level or economic background. Most of the services we provide are free, made possible through the generosity of foundations such as the La Crosse Community Foundation, Centraide, grants and private donations.

Alex and Lora run the La Crosse office. They are certified and seasoned professionals who understand the stigma that often accompanies financial problems. Their extensive knowledge of budget and credit, housing and student loans provides those seeking assistance with options that will benefit individuals and families alike. They can be reached by dialing 800-350-CCCS (2227).

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How is the work you do different from what you expected?Although my role as CEO focuses primarily on the administrative functions of the agency, I relish the opportunity to teach, whether in person or in a virtual format. I didn’t expect to spend so much time in the office as I love building relationships, sharing our mission and growing our footprint, but it’s an important function nonetheless. Since my office is located at our head office in Sheboygan, I don’t travel as much as I would like to our office in La Crosse.

What is your dream vacation?

Before my first child was born in 2000, I loved riding dirt bikes. There was something special about opening up a trail or hearing the whine of the bike behind me. Before that, I owned a street bike that I sold to buy an engagement ring for my future wife. I recently purchased a dual-sport bike that I can ride on the road as well as on the trails. As it stands, riding this new bike will definitely be part of my dream vacation.

What would you like more people to understand about your organization or the people you serve?

I want more people to understand that we are a non-profit organization with a passion for helping individuals and families become financially stable. We do not judge anyone or their particular situation. Taking the first step towards financial wellness starts with contacting us and making an appointment or attending one of our financial education sessions. We realize that this first step can be difficult.