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Golden 1 Credit Union members experienced connection issues, long wait times after upgrading


(KTXL) – The Golden 1 Credit Union is telling its members to “try and try again” after an upgrade appears to have overwhelmed its app and website.

The credit union reported “a very high volume of members logging in at the same time” following an upgrade that took effect on Sunday.

“We are aware of the challenges some of our members face as we work to restore all systems after our weekend mobile and online banking upgrade. Please be assured that we are working diligently and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please call 1-877-465-3361 if you need immediate assistance, and thank you for being a member, ”reads a banner at the top of the Golden 1 site.

Golden 1 initially told its members that they should take additional steps when they first log in after the weekend upgrades.

“A few other settings may require action on your part, including resetting account alerts, adjusting budgeting categories, and uploading your transfer history, if desired,” the site says.

Video tutorials explain how members should sign in online and in the app, which includes providing five security questions, setting up their phone for identity verification, and entering an activation code sent by SMS or phone call.

The app also needs to go through an update, which requires users to re-register their devices.

But people on social media said the upgrade resulted in a host of issues.

Many on Twitter said they simply couldn’t log into their accounts and had been blocked. Others said there were issues with their password or phone number.

Some members who tried calling customer service said they had to wait over an hour to speak to someone.

“If you can wait, we encourage you to log in later when the traffic calms down. We sincerely apologize and do everything possible to improve performance. Thank you for your patience, ”Golden 1 wrote on Twitter Monday.

FOX40 has contacted Golden 1 Credit Union for comment and is awaiting a response.

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