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Getting vaccinated could pay off big | Local News


Getting the COVID-19 vaccine in Coos County could be worth a lot of money.

Coos Health & Wellness recently announced that anyone vaccinated in the county will not only become eligible for a $ 1 million prize to be awarded to someone in Oregon, but those vaccinated in Coos County will have 11 chances. additional win $ 10,000.

Governor Kate Brown earlier announced that one person in each county would be eligible to earn $ 10,000 to be vaccinated, Coos Health & Wellness added to the prize, saying 10 other county residents would earn $ 10,000.

“You must receive your first dose by the 27th to be eligible,” said Dr Eric Gleason, deputy director of Coos Health & Wellness.

While a cash prize would be nice, Gleason said there were better reasons to get the shot.

“There’s a reason to get it,” Gleason said of the cash rewards. “But it’s about getting the vaccine is the best way to be safe.”

As of Tuesday, 68.7% of Oregonians over 16 received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. Brown announced that when the state hits the 70% threshold, it will completely reopen the economy and get rid of most COVID mandates. Just over 42,000 people need the first dose to reach the 70% mark.

In Coos County, 55.8% of people were vaccinated, leaving the county with 4,880 first doses needed to reach 65%, a level that would ensure the county remains in the low risk level,

Brown announced Tuesday that Coos County will remain at low risk as the county has reported 16 active cases of COVID with two people in hospital and no current outbreaks. Since the start of the pandemic, 37 people have died from COVID in Coos County.

Gleason said the reduction in numbers in Coos County and the state may be directly related to the vaccine. He said that even when the state achieves its goal, people should get vaccinated.

“I think it’s important to note that once the condition hits 70% you’re still in danger because you’re not vaccinated,” Gleason said. “You have to be aware of this.”

In fact, almost all new cases of COVID-19 in the state involve people who have not received the vaccine.

New vaccination rates have slowed in recent weeks, but Gleason said anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated should seriously consider it.

“I hope we will reach 70% by the end of the month or early next month,” he said.

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