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Gas Station Simulator: How To Make Money And Pay Off Your Loan | ‘Impossible!’ To guide


Your first goal in Gas station simulator is pretty simple – you have to pay off the loan of $ 5,000 your uncle gave you for the gas station. The problem is, it absolutely takes forever to collect so much money from tips and general service. You have to make a profit, and that means doing everything you can to earn a few extra dollars per customer. Filling gas tanks is too slow for our overactive attention span. There is a better way to make money.

In fact, there are several better ways to make money. Two methods are really not worth the extra effort, although they are fun diversions that you should definitely try once or twice. No, the best way to make money is the illegal route. Crime is the way you get rich quick Gas station simulator, and if you are a beginner player, you might be concerned about the obvious repercussions of such a decision. The life of crime is not one gamers should dive into without thinking. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it looks.

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The Best Ways To Earn Extra Money How to repay your loan

To reimburse the $ 5,000 loan from your uncle, you will have to collect money from many customers, that is, people who buy gasoline at your gas station. There are three main ways to make money, but the best possible method is to lock picking.

  • Method # 1: RC Car Racing – If you complete a race within the time limit you will win $ 15. Not worth it.
  • Method # 2: Bowling Golf – Behind the warehouse you can play a weird bowling mini-game. Get a par of 5 or less to earn $ 15. It costs $ 5, so it’s a profit of $ 10.
  • Method # 3: Lockpicking – The best method. You will earn tons of extra cash!

The Golf mini-game was once the best method, but a recent patch removed the exploit, so there’s no need to waste your time trying to make endless money. Lockpicking is (currently) the best method, and you can use it on any car.

There are two easy ways to make big money with lockpicking.

Make a lot of money with lockpicking

You can crochet any car. Even police cars! No one will stop you, and there is no “conscience” system, so you can pick up cars in broad daylight. No reason to worry about getting caught. There are only advantages! You will automatically learn how to pick locks in the tutorial.

  • You can crochet cars while they are at the gas pump. Just crochet them before feeding them!
  • For even more cars to crochet at the same time, use a broom flip a car to block the main entrance road. Cars will pile up in a line. Then you can lock them all one by one.

After overturning a car, just be sure to move the car to clear traffic. Then you can flip another car later for fun.

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