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Extra work is needed to make UPS savings pay off

Sat April 16, 2022 8:40:42 PM

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,

I wanted to write about a recurring situation I had regarding UPS shipping with Shipstation. I like Shipstation for the most part and the cost of using UPS by Shipstation is a great saving.

The issue I had on random shipments is that UPS will charge an adjustment to the original charges shown to Shipstation. This appears on Stamps.com as an adjustment as this is where all transactions for Shipstation appear billed.

I am 100% accurate on weight and height and know my measurements are accurate as they are mostly always the same sizes.

A few times UPS doubled the original cost as an afterthought. I have taken a habit of taking a photo of the item on the scale and with the measurement before it is shipped, as that is the only way to prove the overload. Shipstation told me to. That’s a lot of extra work.

I’ve been credited for the error a few times, but lately Shipstation isn’t very good at responding to these issues and I have to go through Shipstation to get a resolution.

I wonder if others have the same problem?


eBay seller since 1999

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