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Enniscorthy Credit Union Launches New Debit Card Facility


ENNISCORTHY Credit Union has launched a new initiative for members called MyCU Debit Mastercard® and Checking Account.

The credit union spokesperson said the development means members will have a full range of banking services available to them from Enniscorthy Credit Union.

“They no longer need to split their banking services,” the spokesperson said.

“Indeed, Enniscorthy Credit Union is now a one stop shop for all banking services,” she added.

MYCU is a full-service checking account offering everything people expect from such an account with a MYCU Mastercard debit card accepted worldwide wherever you see the Mastercard acceptance mark.

The MYCU debit card can be used to pay bills, withdraw money and pay at point of sale or online from anywhere in the world.

Significantly, the MYCU checking account will be a separate account from members’ stocks, savings or the penny bank, so it will not be a problem to have access to the money members wish to save. .

However, the spokesperson said it would be easier to access the money when needed as it can easily be transferred from those accounts to a member’s checking account.

Enniscorthy Credit Union CEO Liz Cullen said work on the initiative has been underway for some time.

“We have been working on this project for many years and we are proud to offer a clear choice to all the inhabitants of our region,” she said.

“You can now fully do your banking with Enniscorthy Credit Union,” she added.

Ms. Cullen said members will have instant access to their credit union checking account.

“We also have an overdraft facility available for members who wish to request it,” she said.

“We are now configured to provide a full range of banking services to our members, delivered with the same local and trusted service of Enniscorthy Credit Union,” she added.

Ms. Cullen also pointed out that the credit union is a local, non-profit cooperative where members come first.

“There are fees, but we’ve kept them easy to understand and as low as possible, and we provide free banking for students and members over 66,” said Ms. Cullen.

Enniscorthy Credit Union Marketing Manager, Áine Doyle, said the organization has remained a cornerstone of the local community since it opened in 1964.

“We are now delighted to offer our members a MYCU checking account,” she said.

“Many members have asked us for one, especially now with a huge cash abandonment,” she added.

Ms Doyle said it would be much easier for members to apply for a loan and that if a member gets their paycheck into their account it will also mean less paperwork.

“We’ve made opening a checking account as easy as possible,” Ms. Doyle said.

Those interested in opening an account can apply at any office, online or using the Enniscorthy CU app.

“At Enniscorthy Credit Union, we’ve significantly improved our digital services, launched our new Enniscorthy CU app, and you can also become a member online now,” Ms. Doyle said.

However, even with advancements in digital access and services, Ms Doyle said Enniscorthy Credit Union still enjoys seeing members in person.

“Our friendly staff are not going anywhere,” she said.

MYCU checking account and Mastercard debit card are now available at Enniscorthy Credit Union with offices in Ballymurn, Murrintown and Taghmon.

For more information, see www.enniscorthycu.ie.

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