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Credello: how to get a car loan repayment quote


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Getting a car loan repayment quote can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. There are many factors to consider and it can be difficult to know where to start. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips on how to get the best auto loan repayment quote for your situation.

What is an auto loan repayment quote?

A car loan repayment quote is a calculation of how much money you will need to pay your lender if you want to pay off your car loan in full. This calculation takes into account the interest rate, the term of your loan and any fees that may apply. This information can help you decide if refinancing or buying a new car is the right decision for you.

How to get a car loan repayment quote

Step 1: Contact your lender

You will need to speak to someone at your current lender and request a repayment quote amount. Some lenders will ask you to call them, but many now make it easier by simply offering real-time payment quotes online. If you cannot use their online portal to calculate loan repayment quotes, you will need to contact them another way. Check the terms of your loan to see how your lender generally prefers this to be handled.

Step 2: Decide whether or not to accept the quote within the given time frame

Payment quotes usually have an expiration date, so you’ll have to decide whether or not to accept the quote before the deadline. If you can’t pay off your car loan within the specified time frame, you will generally accrue more interest and your original quote will no longer be valid. Most lenders offer at least a one-week “good for” term, although many lenders give you around 30 days to accept the offer.

Step 3: Keep detailed records

If you decide to accept the lender on your repayment quote, you’ll want to make sure your transaction goes smoothly. Try to repay your loan at least a few days before the deadline so that the lender has enough time to process your transaction. Keep detailed records that show the withdrawal made from your bank account and any payment confirmation messages you receive. Payment quotes happen often, so your lender will have a process to handle things, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry and have records on your side that show you did everything right and on time.

Step 4: Repay your loan

Once you’ve determined your repayment plan, make the necessary payment. Then your car will be fully refunded – congratulations!

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Credello: how to get a car loan repayment quote