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Communication Federal Credit Union uses data to drive


SOUTH BEND, Indiana, Feb. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aunalyticsa leading data platform company providing insights as a service to businesses, today announced that Communication Federal Credit Union (CFCU) uses Aunalytics Dawn for financial services so they can leverage their data to complete demanding projects more quickly and efficiently. Using Aunalytics’ advanced data analytics platform, combined with the company’s side-by-side approach that integrates technology and expertise for non-professional users, the credit union has accelerated its take member-centric decision-making to generate higher business value.

CFCU is a $1.7 billion full-service credit union with more than 200 employees and 23 branches in Oklahoma and Kansas. It serves over 105,000 members and partners with many successful companies such as OG&E, ONEOK, ONE Gas, AEP/PSO, Chaparral Energy, AT&T, Goodyear Tire and over 250 other groups.

Because of CFCU’s strong commitment to personalized service, the credit union takes a “hands-on” approach when it comes to business intelligence and how it manages data. Ben Smith, Vice President of Business Intelligence for CFCU, explains that “we work hard to get our hands dirty and figure out how we can execute on our strategic goals, measure accordingly, and then quickly adjust our findings. At the same time, we take an “anything is possible” approach, which posed a significant dark-era challenge for credit unions and data analytics many years ago when we were all just getting started. and trying to figure out how to do things. with a multitude of platforms, systems and a lot of data.

Having data was never a problem for CFCU as the organization had always had volumes of information to work with. However, it was scattered throughout the organization and was messy, disjointed and very difficult to bring together. As the credit union began to embrace analytics and become more data-driven, it quickly had to learn how to leverage data within technology platforms to meet strategic business information demands. executive management. Proving they could respond to requests with the anything is possible approach, the business intelligence team began to receive a flurry of requests and found themselves spending a lot of time, effort and determination to get there. to respond.

Coming to a point where the existing model was no longer sustainable, the team determined that they needed a data analytics solution provider to support their business intelligence initiatives. After an unsuccessful experience with its first vendor, CFCU established more concrete goals and a higher set of expectations for what it required from a data analytics vendor. Innovation and true partnership were high on his wish list. The business intelligence team spoke with many peers and industry experts before beginning the formal exploration process.

“We wanted to work with a cutting-edge technology company that had a proven track record of innovation, as well as experience in multiple industries, including financial services,” Smith said. “Additionally, we were looking for a partnership that would go far beyond the traditional services model – a partner that would support us in a way that we push them to excellence in the platform, and they push us to excellence in our analytics and platform outputs. It really required a fresh approach to our preliminary discovery questions when we met with different vendors.”

CFCU has narrowed its vendor selection to two vendors, including Aunalytics. In addition to outdoing the other company, Aunalytics offered a side-by-side partnership model that integrated technology and expertise into an end-to-end solution designed for non-technical business users. Aunalytics was also flexible, open, agile and offered an unparalleled level of support.

Implementation of the Aunalytics data platform and Daybreak® for financial services, CFCU has achieved immediate high value impact in centralized automated data cleansing, organization, structuring, consolidation and aggregation. The credit union was able to obtain and operate daily cleansed data, delivered seamlessly in a dynamic environment without investing in the necessary cloud infrastructure, software and people such as data engineers, data scientists and daily support. CFCU now uses this data to complete demanding projects with greater speed and efficiency.

Designed from the ground up for midsize credit unions and community banks, Daybreak for Financial Services is a cloud-native data platform that empowers users to focus on critical business outcomes. The solution seamlessly integrates and cleanses data for accuracy, and uses analytics based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to glean timely customer insights and actionable insights that generate strategic value. It includes the transactional banking data that a financial institution creates and aggregates daily into analytics, to provide the most up-to-date information that business users can act on at the start of each business day.

“Our approach at the start of our data analytics journey was that anything was possible — given enough time, effort, and determination,” Smith said. “Our approach now with Aunalytics is that everything is quickly possible – with the right tools, innovation and partnerships.

“Communication Federal Credit Union was struggling with what many financial institutions are faced with – massive amounts of data that is typically siled across the organization, making it difficult and time-consuming to aggregate and integrate for business value. higher,” said Ryan Wilson, vice president. President, Client Relations at Aunalytics. “We are excited to work with them in a side-by-side manner that helps CFCU achieve its business goals while reducing and streamlining the manual processes required before implementing the Daybreak solution.”

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