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Cardiff ‘father’ has turned to drug dealing to pay off growing debts


A Cardiff “family man” has turned to drug dealing to pay off growing debts, a court has heard.

Abdul Bari, 30, of Theobald Road in Canton, was arrested with more than £ 1,000 of drugs in his car by a police officer who saw Bari’s vehicle while investigating an unrelated case.

The Cardiff Crown Court hearing on Friday learned of how Bari’s Volkswagen Passat was pulled over in the Morrison car park at Ferry Road in Grangetown on July 13, 2019, after an officer spotted the car which was being watched by police from the South Wales for some time.

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Continuing, Nuhu Gobir recounted how Constable Richard Heath stopped the car and carried out a search under the Drug Abuse Act.

“A number of envelopes were found in the fold-down compartment under the steering wheel, which amounted to 11.5 grams of cocaine – and a brass knuckle was seized,” Gobir said.

A cannabis freezer bag was later found, along with a squeeze bag containing 40 Xanax tablets. Xanax is the brand name for the drug alprazolam – which is controlled under Class C of the Drug Abuse Act in the UK, and possession without a prescription is illegal.

A Nokia phone was also seized, which uncovered texts relating to drug trafficking and prices, Gobir said. The total amount of drugs seized was £ 1,160.

The court heard that Bari had four previous convictions for six offenses, and that one of the offenses – in 2012 – was drug related. His most recent violation dates back to October 2013.

Mr. Gobir argued that Bari had played an important role in the drug supply, “because he started selling for financial gain”.

For Bari, Beverley Cripps told the court: “I think he could be seen to have played a lesser role. His explanation concerns an old cannabis debt, which has now been alleviated with the help of his family.”

Ms Cripps said it was clear that previous drug-related debt had “motivated her offense,” and that what determines an important role may exclude those who commit crimes for reasons of financial debt.

She also noted that Bari has not offended for many years, “has always worked very hard for his family”, and has a “great work record”.

She recounted how Bari lives with his sick and vulnerable mother, wife and three children, who rely on him.

Speaking to Bari, recorder Sean Bradley said: “You are clearly a dedicated family man and have worked hard in your life. You have lived a law abiding life for several years. The main offense here is possession of cocaine with the intention of providing, and I intend to remedy it. “

Recorder Bradley classified the offenses as category three street traffic offenses, but added that he saw them as conducive to an important role because Bari “expected to make a significant financial gain.”

“I recognize your sincere remorse, that you have no relevant beliefs and that you are the main breadwinner of your family,” he said. “A lot of people have financial difficulties, but they don’t solve them by selling drugs. Selling drugs to pay off debt often ruins lives. [to pay off debts] than selling drugs. “

Recorder Bradley sentenced Bari to a two-year sentence, suspended for 18 months, adding that he was primarily thinking of the impact on Bari’s family if he were to go to jail.

Bari also has to undergo 15 hours of rehab, perform 200 hours of unpaid labor, adhere to a nightly curfew and pay £ 420 in prosecution costs.

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