“Each January, we survey our customers’ decision makers – typically the CFOs and CEOs of major hospitals and physician groups – to receive feedback on the quality of service from previous years and areas for improvement,” said explained Cannon. “The responses are extremely valuable and help our leadership team shape our strategy for the coming year and beyond.”

Cannon continued, “Our results over the past few years have been positive, but there is always room for improvement. We have great relationships with our customers, but we strive to be more advisory than reactive…and our results this year have demonstrated that our strategy is working for our healthcare partners.”

A new addition to Capio’s survey this year was to define the company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) as an indicator of customer loyalty. Capio specifically asked its customers how likely they would be to recommend Capio to a friend or colleague. Capio’s NPS was a remarkable 78 (as a benchmark; scores above 50 are considered excellent. Apple’s most recently published NPS was 72; Costco’s last known NPS was 79).

“This high Net Promoter Score was hugely significant for our entire team,” Kutchel added. “As we explore the idea of ​​providing new products and programs to help consumers burdened with medical debt manage their path to financial well-being, we need to ensure that we provide the best service in the These high scores demonstrate the strong relationships we have with our customers and why they trust Capio not only as a supplier, but also as a true partner to support their business and their mission.”

Kutchel explained: “We were touched by many of the comments received, especially when hospital systems referenced the professional and thoughtful way our Capio team interacts with their patients. The level of trust and comfort that these important healthcare organizations have with Capio is exceptional.

The specific results of the Capio survey are as follows:

  • How likely are you to recommend Capio to a friend or colleague?
  • Overall, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with Capio?
    • Very Satisfied: 90%
    • Somewhat satisfied: 10%
  • Which of the following words would you use to describe our services? (Respondents could choose more than one word)
    • Reliable: 90%
    • Useful: 68%
    • High quality: 58%
    • Good value for money: 32%
    • Single: 25%
  • How well do our services meet your needs?
    • Extremely well: 53%
    • Very good: 42%
    • Fairly well: 5%
  • How do you rate the quality of service?
    • Very high quality: 55%
    • High quality: 45%
  • How well have we responded to your questions or concerns about our services?
    • Extremely responsive: 69%
    • Very responsive: 31%
  • How likely is your business to use our service again in the future?
    • Extremely likely: 50%
    • Very likely: 48%
    • Somewhat likely: 2%

About Capio
Capio helps healthcare providers and physician organizations increase their cash flow, while reducing their bad debts. To date, Capio has acquired and provided consumer services with more than $37 billion in patient accounts receivable, through partnerships with more than 800 supplier customers across the United States. Capio is committed to becoming better partners for its customers and to developing initiatives to help patients pay their medical bills and achieve financial well-being. To learn more about Capio, please visit our website.