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Candidates accuse public service credit union management of delaying tactics as election date nears


The Guyana Public Service Co-operative Credit Union’s outgoing management committee is accused of delaying tactics to organize the extraordinary general meeting by October 24.

The Management Committee headed by Karen Vanslyutman-Corbin has designated October 24 as the day for holding the Extraordinary General Assembly and elections.

However, since this announcement, there has been no further public statement on the agenda for the meeting, the polling stations, the voting mechanism to be used and the other systems that should have been in place to organize the elections.

Today, the team of election candidates led by former chairman Trevor Benn accused the current management committee of disregarding the current court order, which dictated the timing of notification and organization of the elections.

Trevor Ben

Management committee vice-chairman Patrick Mentore, who broke ranks with the committee to join Mr Benn’s team, said the management committee’s position appears likely to breach the court order. He accused the Committee members of doing everything in their power to derail the process of successfully hosting the meeting.

“Such a display of intransigence, this outdated refusal to prepare adequately to deal with members leaves a bitter taste in the mouth which will be eliminated by the recall of the current management committee,” Mr. Mentore said during the press conference today.

Lawyer Christopher Thompson, who was recently fired by the management committee as the credit union’s legal counsel, is also a candidate for a position on the management committee.

Thompson said the management committee seems to play with the emotions of members of the organization.

He is of the opinion that since the Court’s order, the Committee has had the opportunity to prepare for the special meeting, but instead it has shown its contempt for the members.

“We haven’t even heard when there will be an appointment date and the time is not our friend at all at this stage. It’s the eleventh hour, we haven’t heard of a nomination day, we haven’t heard of any polling stations in any part of the country, so I think there’s a concern real, sincere about whether or not the court order will be complied with,” Thompson said.

For his part, Trevor Benn said the management committee should understand that the credit union is bigger than any individual.

“It’s bigger than Trevor Benn, it’s not about Trevor Benn, but it’s about the poor and their prosperity. The Guyana Public Service Co-operative Credit Union is here to support, encourage and help the ordinary people who have no other source or opportunity to get a loan elsewhere, most of them are turned down by private sector organizations and that is why we are fighting to make sure this facility remains viable” , Benn said.

Senior Credit Union officials have also been accused of colluding with the management committee to block the process of preparing to hold the elections.