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Be a winner with the credit union celebration


THERE could be in-store prizes for all ages thanks to a contest organized by a credit union.

MTCU volunteer Rhoma Pirie pictured here with customer Ian Scott who was the first to sign up at the Buckie store. Photo: Becky Saunderson.

Moray Forth Credit Union, which is based in Forres and also has outlets in Buckie and Elgin, is looking to celebrate International Credit Union Day by hosting a coloring contest for all ages.

The winner will earn £ 25 credit to their credit union account; if they are not members, an account will be opened for them. There will also be other prizes for the finalists.

To download the coloring sheet, go to www.morayfirthcreditunion.co.uk or visit the High Street branch in Forres. The closing date for entries is Friday October 8 and entries must be delivered to the Forres branch or mailed to: Coloring Competition, Moray Firth Credit Union, 53 High Street, Forres, Moray, IV36 1PB.

With the easing of the foreclosure, the credit union is keen to resume its planned expansion program and, therefore, is now looking for more volunteers to come forward and help the cause.

A spokesperson for the credit union said, “We are always looking for volunteers to help with the expansion and to ‘spread the word’ to let people know that credit unions are cooperatives so that every member owns it. the company, whatever its financial situation.

“At each annual general meeting in December, a volunteer board of directors is elected to manage the ‘social enterprise’ and ensure that the business plan progresses to meet the goals set to develop and sustain the new frontier. Members’ deposits can be made in cash, by card, standing orders or via our Work Savings Plan if your employer has set it up with us.

“We have been working on providing a virtual system so that people in remote rural areas of Moray can access the credit union, but understand that some may not have the facilities or skills or want to use them and prefer the credit union. “face to face” contact We will be making bank transfers from savings accounts and considering loans once members have a savings “kitty” and online forms to join and borrow are now available.

“Once you learn more about us, you may want to become a volunteer cashier or join the board of directors.”

Learn more about MFCU at https://www.morayfirthcreditunion.co.uk/


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