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5 ways to sell or give away old electronics

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Have you recently upgraded your cell phone, computer, or other electronic device, but your old gadget is still in your house collecting dust?

It’s great that your old electronics aren’t in a landfill, but you can get them out of your house while reducing your electronic waste.

If you want to get your old TV or tablet out of your house, while still making money or helping someone in need, follow these tips for getting rid of your unwanted electronics.

1. Sell your old devices

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Websites such as Gazelle buy old devices and even pay the postage to have them shipped. To take advantage of this, you usually answer a few brief questions about your product (Apple iPhones and iPads, and Android devices are particularly popular) and describe its condition.

The company can then offer you a quote to buy it. People are reporting deals ranging from around $ 100 for older iPhone models to over $ 300 for newer models. If it’s an offer you like, you can send the device to the company. After the item is received and inspected, payment is released.

Another option for selling your electronics is to try a marketplace like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or a local Nextdoor group. Be sure to read each site’s policies regarding buying and selling an item, and try to make sure you’re only dealing with legitimate buyers.

Always remember that whenever you give your device to another person, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for clearing the device memory. You certainly don’t want a third party to have access to the personal information that has been stored.

2. Exchange them for credit

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Old cell phones can often be returned to your provider for a credit on your bill or for a new phone.

Companies like Apple have trade-in programs that allow you to trade in your old devices for credit for a newer model. Definitely check out these credit options before upgrading to a new device.

Amazon also offers an exchange store. You can redeem items like Kindle e-readers, tablets, bluetooth speakers, video game systems, cell phones, and more, and get an Amazon Gift Card in return.

3. Donate electronics to charity

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Nonprofits such as Goodwill can accept used computers, phones, printers, and other devices and find new homes for them.

Some charities can accept a donation at any time, while others may have specific days to accept electronic devices. Check with your local center for details.

If you have a cell phone to donate, several charities will accept cell phone donations. Some national organizations include Cell Phones For Soldiers, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, SecondWave recycling and Medical mobile).

Also check with your favorite local charities. Many have special programs that accept electronic products that benefit your community.

If for some reason there isn’t a local charity to accept your device, consider gifting it on Freecycle or in a Buy Nothing group.

4. Reuse them

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If you have an old smartphone and Wi-Fi service at home, you can use your device to surf the Internet when you’re not traveling. It will conserve your real phone’s battery when you leave the house.

An old computer tablet that uses your Wi-Fi at home could become a portable device that plays your favorite music or video streaming service, a free portable MP3 player and movie player for your kids, or a game center for your kids. favorite game apps. In addition, apps for your smartphone can let you make calls and texts over Wi-Fi without the need for a data plan.

Plus, don’t overlook the appeal of old electronics as toys for your kids. Old cordless or flip phones and computer keyboards are especially entertaining for small children.

5. Recycle old electronics

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Stores like Staples and Best buy will recycle your working and broken electronic devices to reuse various components and materials.

Some companies will charge you for recycling and safe disposal of your gadgets and devices, while others offer free programs. Check around to see who is recycling televisions and computers near you.

Be sure to read the fine print on devices accepted for recycling and the associated fees, and always wipe down your hard drives before bringing items for reuse.

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