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10 observations from Day 8 of the 2022 Rams training camp


3) Robert Rochell making games: While Rochell was covering for those 1-on-1 touchdown takes by Kupp and Robinson, he responded well later in team drills by catching a deep pass from Bryce Perkins on the sideline intended for Tutu Atwell. Rochell also broke a Wolford pass intended for Brycen Hopkins in the corner of the end zone in a jump ball situation.

4) Pick six for Bobby Wagner: In one of the best plays of the day, Wagner caught a short pass from Wolford and returned it 40 yards for a touchdown, with the defense hounding him afterwards in celebration.

5) Hopkins’ touchdown draws “oohs”: Going 1-on-1, Hopkins pushed his defender to break away from them, which drew an audible reaction from the crowd as Hopkins carried Wolford’s short pass for a touchdown.

6) Kupp climbs: Kupp had another play that drew a crowd causing ‘ooohs’ when he pointed a Wolford pass and carried it close to the sideline.

7) The release: Wagner also recorded a pass breakup in addition to his interception, knocking the ball out of Raymond Calais’ reach as Calais caught a pass from Perkins.

8) Kupp Corner: One of Wolford’s best passes came during team drills, when he rolled to his left and threw a touchdown pass to Kupp in the corner of the end zone.

9) Tutu Atwell does the most reps: Atwell made some great catches on Monday, carrying a Wolford pass into the seam during 7-on-7 work and later making a diving catch on a return route off a Perkins pass. He also made a few throws near the touchline.

10) Wagner makes almost two of them: Wagner nearly had a second interception in Monday’s practice, narrowly missing a deflected pass from a Rams defensive lineman in an 11-on-11 effort.